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'Maryann did a great job telling the story. I was hooked from the beginning until the end. I found it a quick read but it could have been cause I was so into the story I couldn't put it down. I really look forward to reading more of Maryann's books.'  Little Red's Book Reviews Blog'These two were not looking for love, but you just never know when it will hit you!! They found an awesome love in each other!! :) Maryann has written a book where you can feel the emotions and be there with the characters!!  This was a wonderful debut novel!!'  This Mom Loves Alphas Blog'This book is sexy, mysterious, amazing, filled with suspense, family love, friendships and more that will captivate you until the very end! You will fall in love with Emma, Jake and the rest of the gang!  Go grab a copy of Emma's house, you won't be disappointed you did!' Tanya, The Book Obsessed Mama Blog'Their is so much more to the sizzling amazing book. But I don't want to give all the good juicy book away. I cant wait to read more from this author in the future.' Now I Read Book Blog

Maryann Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: zahra

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